GERMAN CONFERENCE at HARVARD February 17-18, 2012
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Decidedly indecisive? The German Angst of Leadership

The fifth student-organized German Conference - exploring Germany's ambiguous relation to leadership.

Germany led the way towards green energy in response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Weeks later, Berlin effectively isolated itself from its Western allies by abstaining from the UN Security Council vote on military intervention in Libya. In the ongoing Euro crisis Germany moved hesitantly, leading to a dramatic speech by the Polish Foreign Minister in which he exclaimed "I fear German power less than I am beginning to fear German inactivity."

The upcoming conference will explore the drivers behind Germany's ambiguous leadership. Over the course of two days, four sessions will explore the following topics:
  • Full throttle towards green energy - Germany visionary or misguided?
  • Leading from behind or lagging behind? The German role in the euro crisis
  • Germany in international security policy - restraint or indecision?
  • The German Angst of Leadership
The German Ambassador Peter Ammon is the conference patron - and a number of outstanding speakers have already confirmed. You will hear directly from Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière about the role of Germany in international security. Former Finance Minister and possible Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück will give a keynote on German responsibility in the Euro crisis. Alcoa CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, will share his experiences on leading top German and American companies. The vanguard intellectual Jeremy Rifkin will share his thoughts on the new German model for a Post-Carbon Economy. Finally, acclaimed Harvard Professor Karl Kaiser will deliver a Keynote on German leadership.

We look forward to welcoming you at the German Conference in February 2012!


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