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Kaweh Sadegh-Zadeh, Head of the Organizing Committee

Lena Kilee, Keynote Speakers; Security Policy Panel, Leadership Panel

Elisabeth Heid, Keynote Speakers; Security Policy Panel, Leadership Panel

Roman Pletter, Keynote Speakers; Euro Crisis Panel, Leadership Panel

Jannis Koehn, Keynote Speakers; Energy Panel

David Lerch, Keynote Speakers; Energy Panel

Lucas Guttenberg, Fundraising/Budget; Euro Crisis Panel

Roman Lentz, Fundraising/Budget

Daniel Kuhagen, Fundraising/Budget

Moritz Matthey, Fundraising/Budget

Victoria Rietig, Documentation/Evaluation; Security Policy Panel

Jann Spiess, Logistics/Facilities

Matthias Weiden, Website/Print; Security Policy Panel

Bernhard Metz, New Media, Marketing

Elisabeth von Lichem, Registration/Marketing

Oliver Schlümer, Registration/Marketing


Kaweh Sadegh-Zadeh
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2013
Head of the Organizing Committee

Kaweh is a McCloy Scholar currently reading for a Masters degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Prior to that he worked for Wood Mackenzie in the capacity of a Research Analyst (Russia and Caspian region) and as an Upstream Consultant. He has developed an expertise in Caspian affairs and the upstream sector. He joined Wood Mackenzie after working at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on Russian gas supplies to Europe.
Kaweh obtained a M.A. in Conflict, Security and Development from King's College London and his B.A. in Government Studies from the University of Erfurt in Germany. He also spent an exchange year at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), which is subordinated to Russia's Foreign Ministry.

Lena Kilee
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2013
Keynote Speakers; Security Policy Panel, Leadership Panel

Lena Kilee is a McCloy Scholar and 2013 MPA Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is a German lawyer by training with a focus on international and european public law and international humanitarian law. Before coming to HKS, Lena's last post was as the EUPOL Deputy Chief of Mentors on Anti-Corruption/Rule of Law to the Afghan Ministry of Interior in Kabul. She served on secondment from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior where she had negotiated bi- and multilateral treaties on border cooperation issues and set up and implemented security sector reform programs aimed at strengthening police/law enforcement capacity in post-conflict countries within international state-building efforts. Lena worked for different foundations and NGOs in Berlin, Brussels and Beijing. Prior to her studies, she spent a year as a volunteer in a community school in Nairobi.

Elisabeth Heid
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2013
Keynote Speakers; Leadership Panel

Elisabeth Heid is a 2013 MPA candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School and a McCloy scholar. Prior to coming to Cambridge, she was co-director of Teach First Deutschland (the German equivalent of Teach For America), an organization she continues to support as a partner. Elisabeth previously worked for the World Bank (Washington, DC) and the Global Public Policy Institute (Berlin). She holds a master's degree in international relations from Free University Berlin. Elisabeth's interests lie in education, immigration and community development. She also enjoys running, gymnastics (a sport she firmly believes is not only for little kids) and causing confusion as to where she is from.

Roman Pletter
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2013
Keynote Speakers; Euro Crisis Panel, Leadership Panel

Roman Pletter is a McCloy Scholar and a 2013 MPA candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. He was born in Munich, Germany, and has worked as a journalist. Most recently, he was head of the weekend section and in charge of the reporter team of Germany's biggest business daily, Handelsblatt. Before, he was reporter at large on business and politics for several major newspapers and magazines in Germany and a guest editor (Arthur F. Burns Fellow) with the Washington Post. Roman earned a master degree in economics from the University of Cologne and completed the Cologne School of Journalism. At Harvard he focuses on financial markets, negotiation and international affairs. Roman used to be a passionate saxophone player. When he realized that his band would not make it to New York's clubs (perhaps for good reasons), he backed down and became a passionate jazz listener. Apart from that, he likes the opera, skiing, running, playing pool billiard and spending his sundays in cafés reading newspapers.

Jannis Koehn
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2013
Keynote Speakers; Energy Panel

Jannis Koehn is a 2013 candidate for the Master in Public Administration. At the Kennedy School, he focuses on energy policy, renewables and climate change topics. Born in Hamburg, Jannis had worked as a strategy consultant for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Berlin for three years, including project work in sustainability strategy and biofuels. Earlier internships included BCG, Waterland Private Equity and the German Chamber of Commerce in the Russian Federation. Jannis holds a Diploma in Business Administration (BSc.+MSc. equivalent) from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (Vallendar) and spent exchange semesters in the MBA programs of Brandeis University (Waltham, MA) and ESADE Business School (Barcelona). Jannis plays the piano and is a passionate sailor.

David Lerch
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2012
Keynote Speakers; Energy Panel

David is a Master in Public Administration 2012 Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School. He holds a diploma degree in political science from Free University of Berlin where he also worked as an advisor in the German Parliament and as a PR consultant. With courses at Harvard and MIT he focuses on energy and climate policy, finance and international relations. In particular he is interested on how regulation and new business models can enable new applications in the energy sector like smart grid technology or the large scale incorporation of electric vehicles. Apart from politics his second passion is music. During his second year in the US he wants to explore contemporary Jazz in New York City and its roots in New Orleans.

Lucas Guttenberg
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2013
Fundraising/Budget; Euro Crisis Panel

Lucas grew up in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. After spending several years as a youth representative in local politics, he worked for a Brussels-based NGO prior to his studies in political science. He holds a B.A. from SciencesPo Paris and spent one year of his undergraduate studies at Columbia University. At Harvard Kennedy School, he focuses on issues of international political economy and economic policy. Lucas is a passionate basketball referee and loves playing bass guitar - though with questionable success.

Roman Lentz
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2013

Roman Lentz is a 2013 Master of Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. As an undergraduate he studied Business & Management at the European Business School and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Upon graduation, Roman worked at The Boston Consulting Group before he was recruited to be the personal management associate to the CEO of HeidelbergCement. Before coming to Cambridge, he founded a retail business in London, UK. His main academic interests at the Kennedy School lie in economic policy and leadership theory. During his holidays, Roman is climbing the Seven Summits, recently having completed his third, Aconcagua in Argentina.

Daniel Kuhagen
Harvard Business School, MBA 2012

Daniel currently completes his MBA at the business school and supports the conference team in its fundraising efforts and budgeting process. Prior his move to Boston he worked for Merrill Lynch in Frankfurt and gained experience in the German Parliament as well as in Market Research firms in Munich, London and Mexico.
Daniel is a former scholar of the German UWC Foundation (Atlantic College) and the Foundation of German Industry (sdw). He graduated in Economics from Warwick University and holds an M.Phil from the University of Cambridge.

Moritz Matthey
Harvard Medical School

Moritz Matthey is currently an exchange student at Harvard Medical School where he is pursuing research for his master's thesis. His interests focus on cancer biology and basic biological research in order to improve treatment and prevention of diseases. Prior to his work at Boston, he studied Interdisciplinary Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich and Imperial College London and Molecular Biosciences at the University of Heidelberg in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center.

Victoria Rietig
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2013
Documentation/Evaluation; Security Policy Panel

Victoria Rietig is a McCloy Scholar and a 2013 Master in Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Before coming to Harvard, Victoria built up the branch office of an international NGO in Berlin, focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, and worked as a consultant at the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) in New York, where she developed and implemented training seminars for diplomats at UN headquarters. Victoria received her M.A. in American Studies, History, and Psychology in 2008 after studies at Freie Universita?t Berlin, Universidad Nacional de Co?rdoba (Argentina), and New York University. At the Kennedy School, Victoria focuses on negotiations, forced migration and international development.

Jann Spiess
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2013

Jann Spiess is a McCloy Scholar and 2013 Master in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he focuses on international development and security policy. Jann obtained his BSc in mathematics from the Technische Universitaet Muenchen and recently finished a master's degree in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Previously, he served as a project manager for an NGO in Burkina Faso (West Africa).

Matthias Weiden
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2013
Website; Security Policy Panel

Matthias Weiden is a McCloy Fellow and a 2013 Master in Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, where his interests lie in Human Rights protection and sustainable development. Parallel to obtaining law degrees from the universities of Mainz, Germany and Paris XII, France, he completed internships with UNESCO in Paris and Lovells LLP in Tokyo. As a law clerk, he served in the EU Litigation Services of the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin and at the Public Attorney's office in Mainz and worked with Clifford Chance LLP in Frankfurt and New York.
He has lectured about German law as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Mainz and as Guest Lecturer at the University of Helsinki.

Bernhard Metz
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2012
New Media, Marketing

Bernhard is a DAAD Scholar and Master in Public Administration (MPA) Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, graduating in May 2012.
During his undergraduate studies in International Business Administration he studied in Germany, Ireland, Italy and France and worked in Paris and Andalucía. After completing a trilingual M.A. degree in International Relations and European Studies in Nice, Berlin and Rome he worked for four years in controlling and as Executive Assistant at Allianz Global Investors group in Munich.
At the Kennedy School he focuses on foreign policy, diplomacy and particularly EU-related issues.
Also beyond the courses he is engaged in the European Integration and chairs the European Club at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In the Fall Semester 2011, he worked as Course Assistant for Professor Karl Kaiser.

Elisabeth von Lichem
Harvard Business School, MBA 2013

Elisabeth von Lichem is a 2013 MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. Before moving to Boston, she has worked as an Associate at management consulting firm Booz & Company in Germany. Elisabeth holds a joint M.Sc. degree (with Distinction) in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris, and is an alumna of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung).

Oliver Schlümer
Harvard Business School, MBA 2013

Oliver is a first-year Harvard Business School MBA student. Prior to HBS, Oliver worked for Allianz Global Investors, one of the largest asset management companies in the world. As Senior Product Manager in the product development department, he was responsible for designing, developing and launching global mutual funds targeting institutional and retail clients. Oliver also led and structured global product launch projects and executed repositioning projects of existing global financial products. He is a Financial Risk Manager Candidate and has successfully passed the level I exam this summer. Oliver studied international business with a focus on Finance and General Management in the U.S. and in Germany. He holds a Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) (German degree in business studies) and a Bachelor of Science.